Workplace ethics for Women

Women today have careers as important as men. They are ambitious, intelligent and are able to stand their ground in the tough situations. We have ladies like Indra Nooyi as idols who are managing large multinationals along with their homes. But we cannot ignore that work environment is a battlefield where women have to prove themselves as against men and this is where problems come in. 

The Most Common Problems Faced by Women at Workplace and How to Deal with Them

Sexual Harassment

This is one of the most crucial problems faced by women at their workplace. World is really a hard place to live and women have to suffer a lot to make through their jobs and reach to higher levels despite holding all the attributes that may be required. Some of the most common ways of sexual harassment include:

Physical Contacts as per the superior’s will
Pornographic Show Favors
Demand for Sexual Relations
Threats to those women who offer resistance
Verbal abuse about looks and private parts
Offensive remarks based on femininity

Dealing with these problems is like setting a whole new revolution again. First of all, women need to be quite cautious right from the very first day at office. Know that the world is filled with cheats and with people who may look like friends but may stab you from the back. So, try to keep the office environment as professional as possible. Try not to indulge in personal conversation, especially when it is a male dominant office. Prove your worth by giving in your best and do not entertain any sort of burdening work if you have to stay long for that. Tell your manager clearly that you are devoting all your office hours efficiently and just take up what you can. Keep your family informed when you reach and leave office and never let any superior or peer follow you or drop you home.

Unequal Pay

This is also one of the issues that make women feel less at par with males despite possessing the same set of skills. It is a general perception of the society that women who are coming out to work generally do this out of some binding reason and not because they want to. To some extent, this may be true but that doesn’t apply to women alone. Managers generally find women an easy target and thus create an uncomfortable environment during negotiation. The best way to deal with this is to be confident that you possess a certain set of skills that are valuable to the organization. Define your negotiation range and be certain of it.

Family Support is Crucial

until marriage, things go perfectly. After that, there are two different worlds to manage. The one battlefield is where you need to be competitive at work while the other is where you require support from your family towards your work. Women hold the power to handle both the parts of their lives well but they get disheartened when there are complaints at either or both ends. To deal with this problem, it is better to talk to elders and spend time with your husband and children on holidays or perhaps, plan for a picnic outside. Connecting to them in a better manner will definitely solve this problem.

Insufficient Maternity Leaves

This is a problem that can be detrimental to the women employees’ health and performance. Most of the companies offer around 90 days of leaves but still negotiate. Do not compromise in any way on this matter and put forward your points confidently and genuinely, not argumentatively and they are sure to understand.


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