Foods that you should never eat RAW

There are certain foods that are high in cellulose that are inedible and need to be off your diet. There are host of reasons why some foods should be cooked before you eat. Aside from being difficult for our stomachs to digest a slab of raw meat, cooking helps in killing bacteria and parasites like salmonella. There are few foods that are poisonous if taken raw.

Some of these foods might surprise you: yucca, also known as cassava, doesn’t just taste bad raw; it can also send you to the hospital if eaten uncooked. Others, like chicken, aren’t that surprising at all, but still good to know about.


Between the processing plant and the local Meat Shop,the raw chicken can pick up lots and lots of nasty little bugs that can send you to the hospital if eaten, so you should make sure that all chicken is cooked to at least.


While they’re loaded with protein, raw eggs also have the possibility of containing salmonella, which infects about one out of every 30,000 eggs. And because it’s in the yolk, those who are concerned should never eat their yolks runny either.

Pits/Seeds of Apples, Mangoes, Peaches, Pears and Apricots

These you really shouldn’t eat at all; forget about cooking them first. If you crack open seeds and pits from fruits that contain them, the inside is soft and appears to be edible. But don’t eat it: it contains a chemical called amygdalin that can turn into — you guessed it — cyanide (who knew that so many foods contained cyanide?).

Green Potatoes

You know how sometimes older potatoes can begin to turn a sick shade of green? Yeah, you don’t want to eat that part. When potatoes get too much sunlight, a chemical called solanine can build up to toxic levels, and that’s what the green is. If consumed, it can lead to headache, fatigue, nausea, and stomach issues.


Pork no longer needs to be cooked to well-done, but you should still cook it past the medium point. Pork still has the potential to carry a couple of bugs: trichinosis, a roundworm; and pork tapeworm, which can grow up to 6 feet long in the gut of a pig. If the meat is eaten undercooked, it can transmit the parasite to you, with some unpleasant side effects.

Raw Red Kidney Beans

If you were to take a few raw kidney beans off the vine and eat them, not only would they taste gross, but within a couple hours you’d be nauseous, vomiting, and have an upset stomach. The culprit? A natural toxin called lectin. Soak the beans in water for at least five hours before cooking and you’ll be fine.

Rhubarb Leaves

You might have heard that rhubarb is poisonous when raw, but it’s actually the leaves you should avoid at all costs. The leaves contain insanely high levels of a toxin called oxalic acid, which when consumed can cause serious kidney damage, and possibly even death.


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