Group Discussions Mantra

'Group Discussion' is a process where exchange of ideas and opinions are debated upon. This process is mostly used for selecting candidates for admission to management schools basically for Masters of Business Administration. 

A typical GD comprises of a small group of candidates. Each group is then given a topic for discussion. The topic can be general or specific.

Group discussion mantra. Here are few suggestions for students applying for MBA

  • Be Yourself. Be as natural as possible and don 't try to be someone you are not.
  • Take time to organize your thoughts. Don 't suddenly jump to any conclusion. Think before you speak so that you don 't speak anything irrelevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Don 't make the mistake of looking at the panel while you are speaking. You are in a Group Discussion and you are expected to discuss among group members, so always look at your group members while you are speaking.

Initiating a GD is an advantage. Closing it too also adds brownie points. If you can grab the opportunity to close the discussion, then you should summarize it.

  • Seek clarifications if you have any doubts regarding the subject, before the discussion commences.
  • Your body language says a lot about you - your gestures and mannerisms are more likely to reflect your attitude than what you say.

Sit straight, avoid leaning back on to the chair or knocking the table with pen or your fingers. Body gestures are very important, because your body language says a lot about you


  • Never try to show your dominance. Be assertive, speak yourself and let others speak as well.
  • Don 't lose your cool if anyone says anything you object to. The key is to stay objective: Don't take the discussion personally.
  • Show your leadership skills. Motivate the other members of the team to speak. Be receptive to others' opinions and do not be abrasive or aggressive.
  • Remember, opening the discussion is not the only way of gaining attention and recognition. If you do not give valuable insights during the discussion, all your efforts of initiating the discussion will be in vain.
  • Don 't be disheartened if you did not do well in your First Group Discussion. Instead try to learn from your past mistakes.

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