Mother Safety Tips For Daughter

Mother Safety Tips For Daughter

Never Despise your self- Always believe in yourself when things go badly don’t stop believing. Some girls blame themselves and lose self esteem.

Never Forget That Your Parents Love You- Whatever happens in life, your family will still be your family. Whatever difficulties you encounter you can always talk to us and we will try to help. We are here for you.

Don’t be too much late at night this is risk full for girls.

Always watch in your drink if some unknown person to offer.

Avoid new types of alcohol. It’s very risky.

Don’t forget to take your mobile phone with you and remember to take it fully charged and with sufficient credit.

Do not accept messages from anyone who is not on your” friends” list.

Dont try too much Frank with any one who unknown for you.

Don’t travel alone check with your friends first, and try not to leave them.

Always take care of your environment as you go for a party.


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