Lunch Ideas for your kids

We all know what kind of food is served in school cafeterias. If you want your child to enjoy the delicious food which is healthy and home-cooked, you need to be imaginative in your kitchen. We bring to you easy recipes- gone are the days when mothers would spend most part of their day in the kitchen cooking.

There are various cook books, mobile apps that help you in cooking your food with its nutrition value intact.

Encourage your young one to have home-cooked healthy food. Here’s how-

Bean-and-veggie quesadillas - You can make them easily in your kitchen. You can use fresh beans, and vegetables like cabbage, carrots for the filling. Use low fat cheese, and whole-wheat tortillas. Salsa will add the flavour to your quesadilla, and is rich in anti-oxidant-rich tomato (which a lot of kids won't touch in its natural state).

Burgers - For vegetarians, aloo-tikki is an ideal choice. The aloo- tikki can be used making chopped vegetables as filler (which is a good thing). Of course, it helps if kids forgo cheese, bacon, and fries (at least sometimes). You can opt for whole grained hamburgers.

Pizza - Yes! Don’t be surprised, but you can say yes to pizzas too.  You have options to go for whole-wheat crusts and top the pies with part-skim-milk cheese. Even if not, a plain or vegetable slice is always a solid lunch standby.

Wraps - Whole-grain wraps filled with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato make for a well-balanced, no-mess meal.

For add- on you can go for baked potatoes, which are lower fat choice, or low-fat yogurt which is rich in calcium and protein or even half a cup of baked beans which are full of fibre and proteins.



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