One Pot Dish- Easy to Cook

One – Pot Dish, as the name suggests, are basically dishes that are cooked using minimal vessels, mostly just one. A quick, weeknight dinner is ready in a snap and washing up is limited. You can save on time spent in the kitchen or your kids can surprise you.

Quick weeknight dinner: Vegetarian Biryani

Many working women in India, me included, turn to our trusted companion Maggi for a tasty one-pot dish.  By adding some vegetables or eggs to instant noodles, we convince ourselves that we are eating healthy food. This is far from truth. While Maggi is fine for an occasional indulgence, there are far better one-pot meals available and easy to cook.

A simple vegetable biryani makes a great one-pot dish. Sure, there are several different types of biryanis where you cook the rice separately and the meat/veggies separately and go the whole nine yards of layering and stuff, but I reserve such elaborate practices for special occasions.

On normal days, a quick weeknight dinner using a single pot is easy and mouth watering. You begin with sautéing whole garam masala first, followed by onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies, mint and coriander leaves and chopped up vegetables.

Add in masala powders, soaked rice and once they get a little toasty add the required amount of water and close the lid. Let it cook on a slow flame and finish up with some lemon juice. Your no- frills- one pot- veg- biryani is ready to serve.


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